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Seven Days of Misaki's Cosplay Day 2: Neko Tuesday
The next morning, Misaki ran out of the apartment mid-way through Akihiko's "charging" sessions. The boy ran as fast as he could to the café where he worked. He stopped running about a block away and walked slowly, trying to catch his breath.
Outside the café, he looked at the small easel and saw "Neko Tuesday" writing in big orange letters.
"This should be fun," Misaki said under his breath. He sighed and pushed open the door.
Aoi stood in the doorway wearing a black leather suit that spies wear in movies. It looked tight and it really helped show her female features. There was a slim belt around her waist and a thick black tail connected to it. On her head, there was a headband with black cat ears. She looked at Misaki and the ears perked up. This made the boy take a step back.
"Good morning, Misaki," Aoi greeted.
"H-Hello," Misaki said, staring at the ears to see if they'd move again.
Aoi giggled. "Like the ears? They're called necomimi. They're cat ears that move acco
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Seven Days of Misaki's Cosplay Day 1: Moe Monday
Misaki received a letter from the cosplay café he worked at on Christmas Eve in February. The letter was asking if he wanted a job as a waiter there. Misaki jumped at the chance for the job, but there was no way he could tell his lover, Akihiko. He knew the perverted writer would come and use this as a chance to see his young lover cosplay and most likely use this as material in his BL novels.
Misaki left Monday morning while the Akihiko was asleep so he wouldn't be "held" before work. He took a taxi to the café and there was a sign outside that caught the new worker's eyes. It was a small easel to attract customers that said "Moe Monday" in bright pink letters. This gave Misaki a bad feeling, but he walked inside anyway.
Inside, there was a lady with long brown hair in a blue bunny girl outfit. Misaki blushed and turned away. "You must be Takahashi-kun! Nice to meet! I'm Aoi Takada. I'll be working with you!" the lady said.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Misaki Takahashi. Please
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BLAST on Set Chapter 2: Performing on Set
"I can take her place!" I said. The members all looked at me. Why did I just say that?! I can't sing like Nana! Not even close. What am I thinking?
"She's our only choice. Do you know the song?" Yasu said.
I nodded vigorously. I knew all of BLAST's songs. "Sugar Guitar" happens to be my favorite song.
"If Mogami is Nana, who will be Bo?" the director asked.
"Say he's sick or something," Nobuo suggested.
The director sighed and Nana waved her hand. "I'm sorry, Kyoko," Nana said while Yasu helped her up.
"Not a problem. Just get better," I said. Yasu called someone named Hachi and soon a girl came running through the door almost in tears and took Nana away.
"Kyoko, we're counting on you," the remaining members said. I nodded and changed into a costume backstage to make myself look as much like Nana as possible.
I walked back out and the hosts were starting the show. I suddenly felt really nervous, but Yasu put a hand on my shoulder. "You'll be fine. Just do your best," he whispered in my
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BLAST on Set Chapter 1: Arriving on Set
"Nana, we got a gig at L.M.E. Don't be late." That was all Yasu said before hanging up the phone first thing in the morning. I slowly crawled out of bed and checked the time.
"9:27. Great," I murmured and got dressed. I walked out of my room and grabbed my key. "Hachi, I'm going out. I'll be back tonight," I said. There was no response, so I left. She was probably still sleeping.
I called a taxi and luckily I wasn't there long. L.M.E was pretty close, I just never noticed it. Outside the studio, Yasu and the guys were waiting outside. "You're late," Yasu said.
"Well thanks for telling me the time, jackass," I replied. I was too tired for this crap.
We walked inside and a man in exotic clothing came out of the hallway, riding a horse. We all backed up in surprise, even Yasu did.
"Welcome to L.M.E! You all must be from BLAST!" the man said. He got off his horse and some people who were probably his assistants took the horse away. "I'm Lory Takarada! Nice to meet you. We'll be recording i
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 24
A surprising text made me feel nervous and happy at the same time.
"Hey Hannah, I was wondering if you're free today, you wanna go see a movie or something? – Michael"
I'm not sure, but I'm almost positive he asked me out on a date. I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I asked the hostess club what they thought. Everyone said yes.
"Are you going?" Tammy asked. I didn't know if I wanted to go or not.
"You should go!" Sugar sent.
"Make sure to go to a nice motel afterwards ;)" Hailey said.
"She's not a prostitute, Hailey!" Shelly said. I knew a war was about to break out between the two, so I sent Michael an okay and left the house.
I've never been on a date before, so I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Down the street, I was couples hugging and holding hands and the sights made me blush. What if Michael wanted to do those kinds of things?
"Hannah!" I heard someone call. I turned my head and saw Michael running towards me. "Nice to see you again. It's been a while. How ar
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 23
Sugar sent a text to everyone except Rose Saturday morning.
"Meet at the park by the school in your princess costumes. I'll bring Lily. Tammy will bring Rose."
While I was getting dressed, Ben walked in the room. "What are you doing?" he asked, staring at the dress.
"Um, I'm a princess on a secret mission to save the palace. I need to go now, bye!" I said and ran out the door. Luckily Ben was in kindergarten so he'll believe anything. Plus, it's not like I was lying to him necessarily.
At the park, the twins, Shelly, and Keri sat on a bench and Ralphie hid under a bush. "What are you doing?" I asked.
"This could give the club more popularity. Don't give me away," he said.
"We won't, but you will," Shelly said.
Ralphie rolled his eyes and we waited for Sugar and Lily. After twenty minutes of waiting, the two little girls ran up to us.
"Wow! You guys look amazing!" Lily said.
"Not as amazing as you," Kaylee said and put a small tiara on the girl's head.
"You're queen of the kingdom now!"
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 22
Friday was pretty normal. Our school girl outfits attracted a large crowd and everything was right. Ralphie sat in the corner writing things in a journal and observing us closely. Luckily no rumors spread about Ralphie, so we had no problems.
When all the guests left, we started talking about our day and then the door opened. A small girl with slightly tanned skin walked in the room. She had long dirty blonde hair that reached her elbows and wore a small pink dress and baby would wear. She looked like a doll.
"Lily! What are you doing here?" Sugar asked.
"Who is that?" I asked Tammy.
"This is Lily August. She's Rose's little sister," Sugar said.
"Rose has a sister? I had no idea," I said. I looked over at Rose and she walked into the closet and shut the door.
"Who're they?" Lily asked, pointing at Shelly, Ralphie, and me.
"Why do you want to know?!" Shelly said.
"Shelly, Ralphie, and Hannah," Sugar introduced.
"Nice to meet you!" Lily said. She took her little hand in mine and shook it
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 21
When we opened the door the next day, Ralphie was all ready to go. "Welcome ladies," he greeted.
"Um, hello. How long have you been here?" I said.
"An hour?!" we shouted.
"Sweetie, you don't have to come this early," Tammy said.
"She called me sweetie," Ralphie blushed. The twins were about to say something wicked, but Tammy shot them daggers before they could.
"Well let's get him ready. To be a host-" Tammy started.
"-Ess. Hostess," Hailey interrupted.
"Thank you, Hailey. You have to be nice to the girls," Tammy said.
"Or guys," Shelly added.
"Shut up you two. Try asking them questions about themselves and answer theirs as truthfully as can be. Girls love honest guys," Tammy said.
"Does that mean you do too?" Ralphie asked. We all looked at each other wondering where that came from and we nodded, unsure whether or not we should have answered.
"Great. I'll never tell a lie in your presences," he said while bowing.
"Stand up. Let's get in our costumes. Ralphie, yours is over there," I s
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 20
Wednesday morning went by pretty fast and we got a letter from a student who is supposedly a fan of ours. The letter said some positive things about each of us. We thought it could be from a guest, but none of our guests appeared to be as flamboyant as the sender. At the bottom of the letter, it said the sender would visit us today.
In the afternoon, we wore our schoolgirl outfits. Even Shelly did. Within minutes of opening, a guest ran in the room. He had brown hair and wore glasses similar to Keri's and was probably an inch taller than Shelly. He wore brown pants and a green shirt with two rose hairclips on both sides of his head. It looked like he was crossplaying.
"Hello ladies!" the boy yelled.
"Welcome," we said somewhat nervously.
"I've come here today to become a member of the club!" the boy announced. We all looked at each other like it was some type of joke. A boy can't be a hostess, right?
"How? You're a boy and boys can't be hostesses!" Tammy said.
"He could be gay," Shelly
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 19
We spent Tuesday afternoon in the clubroom trying to design Shelly's clothes, but that was really hard to do. I respect the fact that she's a tomboy, but she absolutely cannot tolerate wearing like a skirt or dress. No long shirt or shirt with frills. She looked too much like a girl, so we couldn't make her a "boy."
"Why can't you cooperate?!" Tammy yelled.
"Why are all of your costumes girly?!" Shelly yelled.
"Guys, we'll figure this out. Just stop arguing!" I yelled.
Everyone quieted down and Hailey and Kaylee were drawing separate designs. Kaylee held up her sketchbook and it had a black and dark blue musketeer outfit for the days we dress like princesses. Hailey held up hers and it was just made up of thin black lines. We all blushed at the drawing.
"What the hell is that?!" Tammy yelled.
"It's not girly or a dress. It's sexy and that's different," Hailey explained.
"This is why those girls spread those rumors about you being into S&M," Kaylee said under her breath.
The room was si
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 18
On Monday morning, there was a new student. It was a little girl with long black hair and narrow but cute black eyes. She kind of looked like a mini Keri or Kyoya. Maybe even that would be what their kid would look like.
Everyone in the class stared at the little girl and no one made an attempt to be her friend. I became the first.
"Hello there. I'm Hannah. What's your name?" I greeted.
The girl glared at me, but I stayed in case she would say something. She looked away buy turned back before I began to leave. "I'm Shelly Tallon," she said.
Everyone gasped and whispered to each other that she talked and I smiled. "Nice to meet you, Shelly. I know first days can be hard, but one you make friends, it's alright," I said. She didn't seem to be the talkative, but that might be because she was shy.
The door opened and the hostess club walked inside. "I heard there was a new student!" Tammy announced.
"Do you have to yell like that? We're not deaf, at least not yet," Shelly said.
"What did yo
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 17
When I woke up, my eyes hurt from looking directly at the sun. "Are you okay?" a male voice asked. I slowly sat up and saw a blonde boy walk out from behind the trees. I nodded and got a better look at his face.
"Tamaki?! What are you doing here?" I asked, remembering the face from the store.
"My friend owns this pool, so I came with the rest of my friends. What are you doing here?" Tamaki asked.
"My friend's aunt had tickets and she invited me to come along," I said.
"That's nice. How did you end up passed out in the pool?" Tamaki asked.
"I don't know. The last thing I remember was falling down the waterfall," I said, trying to remember anything else that might have happened afterwards.
"You're lucky I saw you floating in the water. If I hadn't, you surely would have drowned," Tamaki said. He held out if hand and I took it. "Let's go find your friends."
We walked a short distance and there was a group of people. "Hey guys, look what I caught in the river," Tamaki said. The people all
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 16
I met the girls at the new pool Sunday morning. They all seemed happy and tired at the same time. We all wore dresses over our bathing suits. Tammy hugged me and we all walked inside, handing our tickets to a man at the front desk. We walked through another door and there was a women's changing room. We all picked small lockers next to each other and put our dresses and shoes inside. I finished first, so I went ahead and walked into the pool area.
The air got a lot more humid and there was a glass roof on top of the room. The pool was huge and looked like it could go on forever. It was blue and looked freezing cold. I needed that since the air was so thick and hot. There were palm trees around the edges of the room and flowers closer to the pool.
"Wow! This place looks great!" Tammy said. I turned around and saw the rest of the girls in their bathing suits, ready to swim.
Tammy wore a green bikini top and a long brown skirt. Keri wore a black one piece suit. Kaylee wore a light green t
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 15
The next morning, Tammy and I walked to the apartment Sarah was moving to. It was close, but not as close as the mansion. The apartment had four floors and was made of bright red bricks. We walked inside and a young, dirty blonde woman ran to hug Tammy. "You got so tall!" she said.
"Nice to see you too, Aunty," Tammy said, slightly pushing the woman away. Sarah looked at me and hugged me too.
"It's nice to finally meet you, Hannah!" she said.
"Nice to meet you too, Miss Sarah," I said quietly.
"Oh, just call me aunty. You're Tammy's friend, so why not?" she said. I can see what side of the family Tammy got her perkiness. "I'll show you your room!" Sarah led us to an elevator and it stopped at the third floor.
The door opened and there was a large pink and red room. There was a flat screen TV in front of a few pink couches and a table in between. There was a big and beautiful kitchen with a table next to it to eat at. Tammy's bedroom had a brown carpet and paintings of the beach on ever
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Ouran High School Hostess Club Chapter 14
After school, Tammy went to the store for some food for tonight's dinner. I did our homework until the phone rang. "Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Is Tammy there?" an unfamiliar voice asked.
"Not at the moment. May I as who this is?" I said, wondering who else knew Tammy was staying with me.
"Um…sure. This is Sarah, her aunt. Mother told me she left home, so I called up her friends and they told me to call this number. Don't worry, I'm on her side. My mother treated her so poorly after my sister and brother-in-law died," the speaker said.
Tammy walked in the door with a few bags. I motioned for her to come over. She set the bags down and walked over. "Hold on, she's here." I handed her the phone and she put it up to her ear.
"Hello?" she said timidly.
"Tammy! Remember me? It's Aunt Sarah!" Sarah said.
"Aunty! It's so good to hear from you! Wait, how did you get this number?" Tammy said.
"You're friend, Keri, gave it to me," Sarah answered.
"Well what do you want?" Tammy asked.
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I love making art and this is where you'll find the newest ones!


Kuroshitsuji- Underwear Kuroshitsuji by Rurounichan Kuroshitsuji- Underwear Kuroshitsuji :iconrurounichan:Rurounichan 14 2 Mayday Parade Valdosta EP painting by Miku-tan Mayday Parade Valdosta EP painting :iconmiku-tan:Miku-tan 26 1 I Finally Realized I'm In Love... by joanamysts I Finally Realized I'm In Love... :iconjoanamysts:joanamysts 115 12 Mario Still Life by Photia Mario Still Life :iconphotia:Photia 6,339 411 Junjou Romantica 4koma by kyokochibi Junjou Romantica 4koma :iconkyokochibi:kyokochibi 861 365 Ciel's Soul by kuro-br Ciel's Soul :iconkuro-br:kuro-br 391 77 Teen Titans Go! by HapaAve Teen Titans Go! :iconhapaave:HapaAve 173 182 Free Icon: Sailor Moon by Mintini Free Icon: Sailor Moon :iconmintini:Mintini 966 126 Delicious, Delicious Crime by wibblywobblytimecake Delicious, Delicious Crime :iconwibblywobblytimecake:wibblywobblytimecake 321 22 Amelia Pond by wibblywobblytimecake Amelia Pond :iconwibblywobblytimecake:wibblywobblytimecake 66 6 Come Along, Ponds by wibblywobblytimecake Come Along, Ponds :iconwibblywobblytimecake:wibblywobblytimecake 627 25 DOCTOR WHO: The Rose by winter-forest DOCTOR WHO: The Rose :iconwinter-forest:winter-forest 982 108 DOCTOR WHO: Doctors by winter-forest DOCTOR WHO: Doctors :iconwinter-forest:winter-forest 134 7 DOCTOR WHO: Snap sun, flowers by winter-forest DOCTOR WHO: Snap sun, flowers :iconwinter-forest:winter-forest 288 28 DW: All pink and yellow by winter-forest DW: All pink and yellow :iconwinter-forest:winter-forest 82 14 DW: Bad wolf bay by winter-forest DW: Bad wolf bay :iconwinter-forest:winter-forest 772 71


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. As a Vampire Knight fan myself, I love this picutre, but I'm pretty sure anyone who doesn't know about...

This is an amazing piece of work. People wonder what their name means and how it affects who they are. Some people have names others th...

I think Miku and Macaron look very cute together. The color of Miku's hair looks almost exactly the same as Macaron. The plugs in Miku'...



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